How-To: 3 Techniques to Hand Lettering

Okay, so you won’t be as amazing as this guy when you first start out… or ever… But here are compiled for you tips to starting handwriting. Although initially daunting, there are many techniques available to teach you how to hand-draw beautiful text!

Technique #1 : Just a pencil


(Source: HeartHandMade)

  • 1) Write your text as you normally would imitating a chosen font style.
  • 2) Grow on it to add body. Just like drawing bubble letters!
  • 3) Fill in the letters as soon as the desired outline shape has been achieved.


Technique #2 : Finding other tools

Markers such as Crayola work perfect for creating the think and thin lines needed in hand lettering. First, determine what font type you want to imitate and move the marker up for thin lines, and down for thick lines.


(Source: lyssarts)

Technique #3: Using Brush Pens

These can be difficult and hard to how to maneuver, but like everything, it takes practice. If you are wanting aided practice, try downloading and printing a free brush  practice sheet by clicking the image below!



Hopefully the variety of techniques and tools one can use for creating beautiful hand lettering makes it a seemingly more achievable task. From pencil to brush pen, one can gain start at getting comfortable with creating lovely text by hand. 

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