How-To: Create a Seamless Pattern in Illustrator

Want to achieve a never-ending pattern which can be used for backgrounds and documents such as the one above? Here are some easy steps you can follow to achieve this.  Having a pattern line up perfectly with itself will help achieve consistency when you want to use it flowingly through a document, but do not want to stretch the original pattern out. 


  1. Set up your Illustrator document. Create or copy in the images that will the essence of your pattern (as you can see I drew hearts for mine). If you are in need of icons, The Noun Project has an amazing selection of any icons you can imagine.

Need inspiration for a pattern? Flowers are easy to draw and make beautiful prints!

2.  Arrange your items into the pattern you want. Make sure nothing is touching the bottom or right edges of the artboard- but DO your objects go over the top and left edges.


3. Using the selection tool, drag a box around the objects that are hanging off from the left edge. Go object –> transform –> move. A box will popup- enter the width of your artboard in the horizontal box, and 0 for the vertical box. This will directly copy the needed pattern into the right position!

Do the same with the overhanging objects on the top, but for the horizontal amount enter 0, and enter the length of your artboard for the vertical box.


Ta Da! Your seamless pattern is completed.

Willing to learn more? Get an even more advanced tutorial on pattern creation HERE.

By following these steps you can make a unique seamless pattern effortlessly, and have the ability to use it for a multitude of design purposes. 

Unsure what you want your feature your pattern on? Anything from a page to a pillow!




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