How-To: Transferring Hand Lettering to Photoshop

Ever want to digitalize something done on paper into Adobe programs for electronic use? Follow these easy steps to guide the way to completing the process. This can also work for images, and can be helpful in getting a desired font or image by drawing by hand rather than doing it all digitally. 

  1. Create the text or image you want to transfer


Check out how to hand-draw text to perfection here:



2.  Scan or take a photo of the image and open it in photoshop, as you can see below I removed the unwanted background with the Background Eraser tool, but ideally the image will only contain the desired image.

step 1 !

3. Make the background more white by going image –> adjustments –> levels.

Slide the furthest right arrow to the left until its under the peak of the right hand spike.

step 3!.jpg

4.  Remove the background with the Magic Wand tool. If you are unsure how to do this, refer to these simple steps! 

This photo was not the best quality, so some of its edges were lost in the process of removing the background. To ensure this doesn’t happen, scan the photo or take it at very high quality.


Looking for more type inspiration? Check out @FontsInUse to see the most innovate usage of typography.

This 4 step process can be used for images along with text, and is very helpful when wanting a specific image hand-drawn image to come to life in a digital form! 

Click the image below for a more detailed post on transferring lettering



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