Getting Crafty With Paper Cutting

Paper cutting is the art of using the positive space of paper to create an image. From simple cut-outs to intriguing paper-work, paper cutting is a crisp and creative medium to relay any design idea. 

Beautiful design inspiration floods the internet, as such. 

Although seemingly daunting (especially if one is not skilled with an facto-knife), there are templates to download and print to help out! Click the cat below to explore more templates.




Floating in the sea that is the internet, there are always helpful how-to steps, which offer guidance during paper-cutting ventures such as seen below.


If searching for inspiration, Pinterest is a resource filled with a wealth of ideas and helpful tips!



Whether seeking out a mode to create a simplistic design, an idea for christmas cards, or a stunning and crisp, paper-cutting is a strong tool to relay visual messages!

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