Icons in Design & Where to Get Them

If one is looking to create any eye-catching visual, the use of images, and specifically simple icons, are known to be a way to relay a message efficiently and easily.



110971-simpleicon-social-media.pngIcons easily associate to concepts in your brain. I bet you can name a few of the social media icons as shown above! These images are filled with meaning.

Even infographics use them heavily to relay powerful messages, as seen below: je-visually-infographic.jpg



Click the photo above to learn about the 8 effective uses of icons in design projects!

Although, when in the search of icons to use, there can be a grey area in what you are able to take off the internet and use freely, along with the initial roadblock of finding specific icons themselves.

However, with the use of resources available to anyone on the web such as the NOUN PROJECT, one can download any icon they are looking for and are given the instructions to credit the icon artist properly… Literally this website has


On your next journey to searching for specific icons, keep the Noun Project in mind, and be amazed by the vast amount of icons they offer!

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