Encouraging Creativity– Tips & Tricks

Creativity can open a portal to wonderful and beautiful creations, no matter what your hobby or profession. Although the idea of being an innovative and creative thinker is easy to image, it is a bit more difficult to achieve such a creative burst. Lets keep the creative juices flowing, and explore tips and tricks to encourage creativity!


Consider some of these 29 easy and simple tricks from the infographic above!


Vibe out with some creativity-inducing music:


or even test your creative thinking skills with critical thinking questions such as offered by the link below:


Be open to new ideas, and let innovation flow. 855c13226f6a2abeb2b0ff7c0b5e483e.jpg


No matter your field of interest, creative thinking is a strong tool to use in any aspect of life! Find creative encouragements that work for you, and know there is never one right answer when it comes to creation.

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